Wedding photographers in Essex

All weddings differ in styles but most will have confetti. As wedding photographers we love the stuff, It makes a great action shot . Some now opt for bubbles, using the usual small bottle of bubbles, bubble guns or even bubble machines. Great for weddings where there are lots of children. If you are having a church wedding its important to check where you are able to throw the confetti, most will insist on the confeeti being thrown off the church grounds. Most venues will insist on bio degradable. If you are planning a wedding with some time in advance asking family and friends to collect petals from the garden is a great idea. We particularly love the confetti canons. Coloured confetti seems to show up more in photographs.

What is now becoming really common is the use of sparklers. Again we love a sparkler shot but and there is a big but, alcohol and fire do not mix well. Venues where there is help at hand to organise people is really helpful. They will also provide a container for the used sparklers. I would say sparkler shots are probably best for weddings with no or very few children. Also important to note is the length of the sparkler. Always buy the longest size and have plenty of lighters to light them. They need to be lit at the same time if possible. Summer weddings have to wait longer for the sparkler shots due to the light with means people may have been drinking for longer. Problem doesn't arise at winter weddings but will your guests want to venture outside in the cold? The important thing for us is to get a fabulous shot done quickly and safely.

Confetti photograph at Kent wedding
Confetti ideas by Essex wedding photographer