Chelmsford Essex Wedding Photographer

This wedding venue is just special ..We were so happy to have had the opportunity to photograph at Matara. This place is amazing and it happens to be in the Cotswolds one of the places I grew up. Great, an excuse to go back.

The Matara Centre at Kingscote Park is described as a place of beauty and tranquillity, set within 28 acres of glorious parkland. This is not an overstatement. You feel as if you have entered the far east it is just gorgeous.

We arrived at the venue the night before to glorious weather. The beautiful Grade II listed building had room for family and friends who were beginning to arrive that afternoon. While guests found their room, Janie, James, Andy and I went out to explore the beautiful grounds of the Matara Centre. We were able to take some great portraits of the two of them exploring some of the 26 acres.

The following day it began raining on the afternoon but it really didn't matter. The amazing area where the ceremonies take place is mostly under cover. So much effort that has been made to make you feel that you have been transported to somewhere like Bali during your time at Matara. The internal decor is gorgeous. Lots of interesting pieces to see.

We had a fantastic time with these two, a total pleasure for us as photographers.

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